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Boiler Stoves & Central Heating Stoves

An introduction to Central Heating Stoves & Boiler Stoves

Central heating stoves have a boiler which is capable for providing domestic hot water and central heating (heat to your radiators). Physically a central heating stove is no bigger than the same stove without a boiler as the boiler is built inside the stove. The main differences you may spot is that central heating stoves will generally not have fire bricks inside as they would prevent heat reaching the boiler and also you should see the boiler outlets on the rear of the stove. The heat produced by boiler stoves is measured in btu's. All the central heating stoves below have outputs over 25,000 btu's. As a rule of thumb, you should allow 8 - 10,000 btu's to heat your hot water and aproximately 4,000 btu's to heat each radiator in your central heating system.

All Central Heating Boiler Stoves  Stoves

All Central Heating Boiler Stoves

Browse through all of our central heating stoves or if there is a stove from a manufacturer that you like, use the options below to jump straight to it.
Aarrow Central Heating Stoves  Stoves

Aarrow Central Heating Stoves

Aarrow produce a range of compact, controllable and efficient central heating stoves with a selection of high output boilers.
Aga Central Heating Stoves  Stoves

Aga Central Heating Stoves

Aga stoves have entered the boiler stove market with a new cast iron central heating stove with thermostatic control.
Charnwood Central Heating Stoves  Stoves

Charnwood Central Heating Stoves

Charnwood produce a great range of central heating stoves in both modern and traditional styles plus an inset boiler stove.
Dunsley Central Heating Stoves  Stoves

Dunsley Central Heating Stoves

The Dunsley central heating stoves selection includes the solid, reliable Yorkshire boiler stove which is approved for use in smokeless zones.
Esse Central Heating Boiler Stoves  Stoves

Esse Central Heating Boiler Stoves

Precision engineered from high grade steel with a clean look, Esse boiler stoves will heat a large room and run a smaller central heating system.
Hunter Central Heating Stoves  Stoves

Hunter Central Heating Stoves

Our most popular selection of boiler stoves is from Hunter, who produce a selection of practical, low priced stoves in a classic style.
Morso Central Heating Boiler Stoves  Stoves

Morso Central Heating Boiler Stoves

The cast iron quality of Morso stoves makes a robust central heating stove with a high efficiency.
Stovax Central Heating Stoves  Stoves

Stovax Central Heating Stoves

Boiler stoves from Stovax have clean lines and large glass viewing windows and are ideal for smaller central heating systems.
Villager Central Heating Stoves  Stoves

Villager Central Heating Stoves

A simple classic range of central heating stoves which large boilers which have stood the test of time.
Yeoman Central Heating Stoves  Stoves

Yeoman Central Heating Stoves

Yeoman are a great British stove name producing a small range of high output central heating boiler stoves.
Boiler Link Up Systems for Central Heating

Boiler Link Up Systems for Central Heating

It is possible to link a central heating boiler stove together with a conventional boiler into one central heating system to provide you with a more economical and efficient heating solution. This must be done by using a specialist link up device such as the items in this section.
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