Do I need a thermometer for my stove?

A stove pipe thermometer is an inexpensive and very useful accessory, it simply magnetically attaches to your flue (at least 300mm above the top of the stove) and once in place will allow you to quickly see how your stove is performing.

Unlike a lot of other forms of heating, a wood burning or multifuel stove has no readout to allow you to see what temperature your appliance is running at. This may not seem like an issue at first, however, having no way to determine how hot your stove is running could mean you could be wasting fuel by over firing your stove, and more alarmingly, could decrease the lifespan of your stove!

Generally, most stove thermometers will have a temperature gauge for accurate readout and usually a guide to tell you what these stove temperatures mean. Burning too low will cause creosote deposits in your flue which ultimately can lead to chimney fires, or condensate running down the inside of the flue. Burning too hot leads to wastage of fuel, damaged grates and fire bars or even cracking of a cast iron stove.

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