Gazco Ceramica Manhattan Balanced Flue Gas Stove

The Ceramica Manhattan Balanced Flue stove from Gazco Stoves offers superb, contemporary styling in elegantly cast ceramics bringing a new dimension to home heating.

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Gazco Ceramica Manhattan Balanced Flue Gas Stove
Gazco Ceramica Manhattan Gas Stove

Currently showing: Gazco Ceramica Manhattan Gas Stove

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Fuel : Gas
Output : 5.15 kw
Efficiency : 82 %
Height : 720mm
Width : 711mm
Depth : 427mm
Flue Centres
Rear flue : 506mm
Top flue : 177mm
Diameter : N/A "
Outlet : Top or rear (interchangeable)
Other Info
Body : Ceramic
Weight : 110 kg
Max Log : TBCmm
Matt Beige
Guarantees do not include parts deemed to be replaceable in the normal usage of the stove, such as glass, door rope seal and fire brick linings.

With its superb contemporary styling and sturdy ceramic panelling, the Manhattan brings a colourful new dimension to home heating. At its centre is a finely detailed, cast iron frame surrounding a panoramic window that allows you to enjoy to the full a realistic picture of dancing flames and glowing coals or logs. to complete the look, a cast-iron top grille permits warm convected air to flow gently into the room.

A balanced flue appliance is a sealed unit drawing air for combustion directly from the outside of a building and discharging the waste gases of combustion through the same external terminal. To achieve this, a twin wall, concentric flue system is connected to the appliance and uses the outer tube to bring in the air whilst an inner tube expels the waste gases. The main advantages of balanced flue appliances are that they can offer greater flexibility in positioning within the home and provide improved heating efficiency compared to conventional flue models.

Balanced Flue Options:

# Rear exit horizontal kit includes 1x 660mm straight including stainless steel terminal and guard.
# Top exit, up & out kit includes 1 x 462mm straight, 1 x 500 terminal length, 1 x 90° bend.
# Top exit, vertical kit includes 2 x 1000mm straight, 1 x 1000mm terminal length.

Gazco Ceramica Manhattan Balanced Flue Gas Stove Features:

* Unique ceramic castings with Matt Beige finish
* Command remote control option
* 5.15kW heat output and 82% efficiency
* Flue Sure System and flame failure device
* Infinitely adjustable between high and low to suit your mood.
* Piezo Ignition for automatic sparkling without batteries or mains electricity.

NB: Flue pipe is not provided by the manufacturer with most stoves. Exceptions to this are flueless gas stoves and electric stoves which do not require flue pipe. The inclusion of flue pipe with balanced flue gas stoves varies and should be confirmed dependant on the model ordered. You can order flue pipe using the link marked 'Stove Flue Pipe' in the menu on the left of the screen.




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