Hunter Herald 5 (Slimline) Wood Burning Stove

The Herald 5 Slimline from Hunter Stoves is designed to sit on a narrow hearth, but wide enough for large logs and includes a hot airwash for efficient woodburning.
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Hunter Herald 5 (Slimline) Wood Burning Stove
Hunter Herald 5 Flat Top Stove
Hunter Herald 5 High Canopy Stove with Single Door
Hunter Herald 5 High Canopy Stove with Single Door
Hunter Herald 5 Flat Top Stove with Single Door

Currently showing: Hunter Herald 5 Flat Top Stove

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Fuel : Wood
Output : 5 kw
Efficiency : 72.5 %
Height : 567mm
Width : 575mm
Depth : 344mm
Flue Centres
Rear flue : 469mm
Top flue : 90mm
Diameter : 5 "
Outlet : Top or rear (interchangeable)
Other Info
Body : Steel
Weight : - kg
Max Log : TBCmm
5 Years Warranty Guarantees do not include parts deemed to be replaceable in the normal usage of the stove, such as glass, door rope seal and fire brick linings.

Slimline Woodburning Stove.
The Herald 5 Slimline is a specialist slimline woodburning stove, designed to sit on a narrow hearth, but can still accommodate large logs.

Hot Airwash Keeps the Glass Clean.
The airwash is achieved by very hot air being directed down behind the large glass doors creating a screen between the fire and the glass. Smoke or combustion particles do not come into contact with the glass leaving it clean to see through.

Excellent Value For Money.
All Hunter Herald stoves are manufactured from high quality 5mm thick steel to the exacting standards of BS3378 with quality cast iron components, representing excellent value for money.

Safe and Efficient for Over-Night Burning.
By reducing the air inflow to an absolute minimum, the fire will gently smoulder and remain alight throughout he night. When required, the fire will come to life by simply increasing the airflow into the stove.

Efficient Woodburning.
Essential for efficient woodburning is the hot ‘airwash’ air, this is directed down the inside of the doors and into the heart of the fire. This helps to achieve a complete combustion that in turn keeps the chimney clean.

The Herald 5 Slimline stove has a number of options and optional extras :
* Top or rear flue installation options
* A single brass door knob or a set of brass knobs
* A flue damper - To help reduce excessive chimney draw and aid overnight burning.
* A spark guard
* Either decorative crossed doors or plain doors
* Matt black finish with optional dark green or metallic blue

1) The flue collar provided by Hunter is now a plain collar rather than the decorative collar as shown in many of the product images.
2) Crosses shown in two door models are now an optional extra.

NB: Flue pipe is not provided by the manufacturer with most stoves. Exceptions to this are flueless gas stoves and electric stoves which do not require flue pipe. The inclusion of flue pipe with balanced flue gas stoves varies and should be confirmed dependant on the model ordered. You can order flue pipe using the link marked 'Stove Flue Pipe' in the menu on the left of the screen.


Door Design


Door Knobs

Flue Gather Box + 152.00  
Flue Damper + 35.00  
Sparkguard (Double Door Model Only) + 76.00  
Door Crosses (Double Door Model Only) + 31.00  


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