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Morso Stoves have over 150 years of experience with the manufacture of wood-burning stoves in their foundry in Denmark, and has always been at the forefront of developing new stove types. Morso Stoves produce some of the cleanest burning multi-fuel stoves available in the UK market, with a range including traditional and modern styles in Morso's infamous cast iron designs with 10 year warranty and a range of highly efficient steel stoves. You can always find a Morso stove which meets your specific needs in terms of design, size, stove type and output.
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HWAM stoves are recognisable by their stylish and contemporary designs. These wood burning stoves are an excellent choice for those who want a combination of optimum style and heat efficiency.

For those who prefer a more traditional stove look to match their home, HWAM offer a 'Classic' range, with stoves that are reminiscent of the more traditional style that many are used to seeing in homes.

HWAM stoves are designed and manufactured within Denmark, by expert craftsmen with over 40 years of extensive experience. All stoves from HWAM come with a confident 5 year warranty. Every HWAM stove goes through extensive and comprehensive testing before being sent out for purchase, so you can be assured your stove is of the utmost quality.

These stoves are incredibly user-friendly. They're easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. With the innovative automatic system for air supply, the need to constantly check your fire becomes a thing of the past.

HWAM stoves are always made with the highest quality sheet-iron. With many stoves being made from heavy cast iron, you may be wondering why sheet-iron is favoured by HWAM. Sheet iron allows for modernistic designs, which are not possible to create through the use of cast iron. It's also just as durable and long-lasting as its cast iron alternative - with over 40 years of experience and success in using sheet iron, HWAM are confident of this.

HWAM's innovative and incredibly futuristic Autopilot IHS electronic air regulation allows you to control your room temperature through your smartphone or tablet. That's not all either - you are even reminded when you need to add more firewood into your stove! A remote control performs the same tasks for pre-2016 models.

HWAM are also proud of their eco-friendly heating technology. When a fire is lit within a HWAM stove, your chimney will mainly give out water vapour, which isn't detrimental to the environment. This is achieved by the stove utilising almost all of the energy in the wood that you burn. HWAM stoves already satisfy EU emissions requirements which are to be implemented in 2022!

A HWAM stove is sure to be a true centrepiece within your home. With their incredibly modern design, these stoves will continue to look contemporary within your home for many years to come

Morso Wood Burning Stoves

Morso 6140 Wood Burning Stove
Morso 6148 Wood Burning Stove
Morso 8140 Wood Burning Stove
Morso 8142 Wood Burning Stove
Morso 8147 Wood Burning Stove
Morso Viking Wood Burning Stove
Morso 3610 Wood Burning Stove
Morso 5660 Insert Wood Burning Stove

Morso Multi-fuel Stoves

Morso Squirrel Standard 1410 Multifuel Stove
Morso Squirrel Standard 1412 Multifuel Stove
Morso Squirrel Cleanheat 1430 Multifuel Stove
Morso Squirrel Convector 1442 Multifuel Stove
Morso Badger Cleanheat 3112 Multifuel Stove
Morso Badger Convector 3142 Multifuel Stove
Morso Owl Cleanheat 3140 Multifuel Stove
Morso Owl Convector 3440 Multifuel Stove
Morso Panther Cleanheat 2110 Multifuel Stove
Morso Panther Convector 2145 Multifuel Stove
Morso Dove Cleanheat 1631 Multifuel Stove
Morso 04 Multifuel Stove
Morso 06 Multifuel Stove
Morso 08 Multifuel Stove
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