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Introduction to Wood Burning Stoves, Woodburners & Wood Stoves

People use many terms to describe the wood burning stove, such as woodburner, wood stove or a woodburning stove, but they all mean the same - a stove used solely for burning wood. A wood burning stove will have no grate or ashpan, wood is simply burnt on the base of the stove, usually in the bed of ash from the night before. This means that a woodburning stove can fit more logs inside than the equivalent sized multi-fuel model. Wood burning stoves are generally cleaner than using coal, plus, wood is a renewable fuel source which is carbon neutral, so is friendlier to the environment. As the UK's biggest online retailer of wood burning stoves, firesonline.co.uk prides itself on having the lowest prices in the UK and also offering expert woodburner advice.

Charnwood Wood Burning Stoves Wood Stoves

Charnwood Wood Burning Stoves

A traditionally styled range, Charnwood woodburning stoves are steel bodied with generous fire boxes for burning longer logs.
Dovre Wood Burning Stoves Wood Stoves

Dovre Wood Burning Stoves

If you live in a smoke controlled zone, a Dovre DEFRA approved woodburning stove with aerated baffle system will enable you to still burn logs.
Dunsley Wood Burning Stoves Wood Stoves

Dunsley Wood Burning Stoves

Dunsley woodburners are highly efficient (including models for smokeless zones) with clean looks that make a great focal point in any room.
Esse Wood Burning Stoves Wood Stoves

Esse Wood Burning Stoves

Most of the Esse wood stoves feature Afterburn, a highly developed secondary air control system that improves efficiency and allows you to control the burn rate, creating stunning flame patterns.
Hunter Wood Burning Stoves Wood Stoves

Hunter Wood Burning Stoves

The woodburning stoves from Hunter, use a special air system to ‘airwash’ down inside the doors and into the heart of the wood fire.
Stovax Wood Burning Stoves Wood Stoves

Stovax Wood Burning Stoves

Stovax cast iron and steel wood stoves have a 3 way airflow system which gives you superb flame control when burning wood.
Vermont Castings Wood Burning Stoves Wood Stoves

Vermont Castings Wood Burning Stoves

All the wood burning stoves in the Vermont range use either a catalytic combustor or clean burn technology resulting in lower emissions and extra heat and efficiency.
Villager Wood Burning Stoves Wood Stoves

Villager Wood Burning Stoves

Designed and built to withstand extremes of temperature, most Villager woodburners, incorporate primary and secondary air vents and an 'airwash' system for cleaner glass.
Westfire Wood Burning Stoves Wood Stoves

Westfire Wood Burning Stoves

Westfire from Denmark, produce a range on contemporary freestanding and inset wood burning stoves, many of which are now approved for use in smokeless zones.
Yeoman Wood Burning Stoves Wood Stoves

Yeoman Wood Burning Stoves

Yeoman wood burning stoves are based on traditional designs, with options for signle or double doors, canopies and a range of double sided stoves.
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