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Esse stoves produce traditional cast iron stoves with a proud British heritage. Clean lines with traditional styling mean an Esse stove will be at home in any setting. Esse stoves also offer superbly designed contemporary flueless gas stoves for those with more modern tastes. The Esse range also includes the unique 'Ironheart' wood cooking stove, with oven and hotplate as well as a great view of the fire.
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Since 1854, ESSE have been providing British homeowners with a broad range of stoves. ESSE's early 'clean smoke' burner designs are said to have been the inspiration for many of the current competitors in the market today.

For over 160 years, each ESSE stove has been proudly hand crafted within the United Kingdom by generations of expert craftsman, with impeccable attention to detail.
Dedicating their work to providing fuel economy and fire cleanliness, all ESSE stoves are incredibly fuel efficient and DEFRA approved.

Using current research and applying modern technology, ESSE create the highest quality energy-efficient stoves. Every ESSE stove has an impressive energy efficiency rating of over 80%, guaranteeing cost-effective warmth every time you use your stove to heat up the home on cold evenings.

A range of styles, both modern and traditional allows you to find the perfect stove to compliment and warm your home. Flue-less gas stoves are also available from ESSE, for homeowners who prefer a more modern style than the traditional stove.

Esse Wood Burning Stoves

Esse 1 Wood Burning Stove
Esse Stoves latest addition to the range is the budget friendly Esse 1 Wood Burning Stove with features usually only found on more expensive models.

Esse Multi-fuel Stoves

Esse 500 Vista SE Multifuel Stove
The Esse 500 Vista is a simple-to-use 5kw multifuel stove with classic styling, including twin position riddling grate with both wood and mineral fuel settings.
Esse 100 SE Multifuel Stove
The Esse 100 SE has all the performance and benefits of the 100 but with the added advantage of being approved to burn wood in Smoke Control areas.
Esse 100DD SE Multifuel Stove
The double door version of the popular esse 100 stove is available in a DEFRA approved model, with a manageable 5kW output and slim profile.
Esse 125 SE Multifuel Stove
The Esse 125 SE has all the style and performance of the 125 but with the added advantage of being approved to burn wood in Smoke Control areas.
Esse 200SE XK Multifuel Stove
The Esse 200SE Stove has the same three basic principles as the standardversion: simplicity, precision and efficiency. However, The SE version is Defra Approved so can be used in Smokeless Zones.
Esse 200SE XK DD Multifuel Stove
Just Ike the Esse 200DD stove, the Smoke Exempt version is a two door version of the simple and efficient Esse 100, incorporating the renowned Esse 'Afterburn' technology.
Esse 301SE Inset Multifuel Stove
The Esse 301SE fits straight into a standard fireplace, improving the efficiency of an open fire by up to 400% and can be used in a smoke control zone.
Esse 350SE Inset Multifuel Stove
The Esse 350 inset stove fits into a standard fireplace with the fire back removed, offering a unique combination of performance, style, efficiency and ease of installation.
Esse 525 SE Multifuel Stove
The Esse 525 SE stove has a contemporary design with tubular legs running the full height of the body and unique 'invisible' door hinges.
Esse 700SE Vista Multifuel Stove
The largest model in the popular Vista range. The ESSE 700 Vista is a multi-fuel stove with a powerful 10.5 kW heat output. The Vista arch window offering a superb view of the the fire inside. Its majestic stature makes it ideal for large fireplaces or as a free-standing unit.
Esse Ironheart Multifuel Cooker Stove
The Esse Ironheart is a dual purpose appliance, working as both a high output stove and also a cooking appliance that cooks as beautifully as it warms.

Esse Gas Stoves

Esse 500 Vista Flueless Gas Stove
The Esse FG500 Vista Flueless Gas Stove is a traditional, small but very powerful stove with 100% efficiency and has a realistic log fire effect.
Esse 525 Gas Stove
The Esse 525 gas stove has a modern, contemporary design, with the practicality of Esse's easy to operate thermostatic control.
Esse 525 Flueless Gas Stove
The 525 Flueless from Esse stoves brings the extraordinary benefits of catalytic flueless technology to contemporary living spaces.

Esse Electric Stoves

Esse Firewall Flueless Gas Fire
No chimney required for the Esse Firewall ... just choose a wall where you want to see real flames imaginatively framed in your choice of contemporary metallic colours.
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