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Franco Belge Stoves

Franco Belge has a history spanning 80 years. They brand name is synonymous with heritage, quality castings and beautiful period designs. The product range contains wood, multifuel and oil stoves. The appliances have a heat output from 4.5 Kw up to 11 Kw in a wide variety of sizes suitable for every room. Franco Belges, best selling stoves are the Montfort and Savoy which suit typical British homes.
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Each Franco Belge stove is expertly crafted from high grade cast iron. These stoves feature beautiful designs, many of which are suitably named after picturesque places within France and Belgium.

The intricate detailing on Franco Belge stoves, especially the delightful Limousin model, is an expression of the craftsmanship and excellent attention to detail given to each and every stove.

The heat outputs from Franco Belge stoves vary depending on the size of each model, with a range between 4.5 kW to an impressive 11 kW.

Franco Belge stoves are vermiculite lined. This helps to insulate your stove, as vermiculite has an incredibly high melting point of 1350°C. Vermiculite lined stoves produce a more efficient burn, and also extends the lifespan of your flue. Efficient burning means your flue is less likely to get clogged up with by-products from your fire.

Since Franco Belge stoves have large glass windows designed for an optimal view of your fire, keeping the glass clear is necessary to fully appreciate the splendour these stoves can add to your home.

The very useful airwash system adds burning efficiency to your fire, as well as helping to keep the glass door clear whilst a fire is roaring within. These stoves are incredibly low maintenance, so you won't have to manually clean them too frequently.

The preservation of the environment is now an ever growing concern. Many Franco Belge stoves are now DEFRA exempt, allowing you to use them in areas which are smoke controlled.

DEFRA exempt stoves are better for the environment as they burn wood more efficiently, which in turn reduces the amount of environmentally detrimental emissions released through the chimney. More efficient burning also means you will use less wood to heat your home, saving you money in the long run.

Franco Belge Multi-fuel Stoves

Franco Belge Belfort Multifuel Stove
The smallest stove in the Franco Belge range, the Belforts compact size and low heat output of 4.5 Kws makes it perfect for smaller rooms or a secondary heat source on chilly winter days.
Franco Belge Montfort Elegance Multifuel Stove
As a ‘room-sealed’ stove, the Montfort Elegance stove from Franco Belge can be DEFRA except to burn wood in smoke controlled zones and can draw it’s primary airsupply from outside your home.
Franco Belge Monaco Multifuel Stove
One of the latest designs, the Franco Belge Monaco stove is justifiably popular and hailed as the new ‘classic’ due to its contemporary twist on the traditional Franco Belge period style.
Franco Belge Savoy Elegance Multifuel Stove
Franco Belge proudly introduce a new model to the range - the cast iron Savoy Elegance stove which has an optional kit to allow use in a smoke control zone.
Franco Belge Limousin Multifuel Stove
The Limousin is one of the larger stoves in the Franco Belge range, with an additional side loading door which will enable you to fit in logs of up to 50cm in length.
Franco Belge Limousin Multifuel Stove & Hot Plate
The model of the popular Franco Belge Limousin stove includes a practical hot plate, perfect for simmering a casserole, or simply boiling the kettle.
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