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Mendip Stoves are manufacturers of high quality, well designed, wood burning and multi fuel stoves with a wide range covering traditional and contemporary styling's there is something to suit any taste. Mendip Stoves have been designing and producing wood burning and multi fuel stoves of the highest quality, and have developed a reputation for supplying only stoves with the best combustion techniques, looks and build quality ensuring that your stove will be a welcome addition to your home for many years to come.
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Mendip Stoves are a family business, based in Somerset. Since 2008, Mendip have been designing and manufacturing high quality stoves for UK customers.

Preserving the environment is an important concern, not only in the UK but worldwide. Mendip proudly support the Woodland Trust, by promoting the use of sustainable woodland fuel and donating £10 for every Mendip stove sold. If we want to keep having our lovely roaring fires on chilly nights, it's absolutely essential that stove companies get on board with modern sustainable techniques.

Mendip stoves are incredibly practical, yet do not lack on their aesthetic appearance. With a range of both contemporary and traditional designs available, you are sure to find a Mendip stove which matches the interior of your home.

For those who want to add a pop of colour to their home, some Mendip models have a colour choice option. A funky lime green or a soft powder blue wood burning stove isn't out of the question when it comes to selecting a Mendip stove!

Mendip stoves typically have an incredibly high heat output, with some models reaching up to 10kW! With fuel efficiencies ranging from 75% right up to 82%, very little of this heat will be lost.

The air supplies within Mendip stoves have been specifically designed to ensure optimal combustion efficiency. Whilst a fire is burning, a continuous stream of air passes over front glass to keep your view of the warming flames clear and unobstructed.

All Mendip stoves are created by experienced craftsman, who utilise cutting edge technology to bring you a high quality and long lasting stove. Crafted with strong cast iron, these stoves are built to last

Mendip Wood Burning Stoves

Mendip Churchill 10 Wood Stove
The Churchill 10 from Mendip stoves brings style to a high output stove, the huge curved glass area giving every corner of your room a view of the wood burning fire.
Mendip Churchill 10 Convection Wood Stove
The Churchill 10 Wood Convection is an ideal addtion to any home with its modern aesthetics and technology. The air cooled handle and high efficency ratings are just a few of the many features this stove has to offer.
Mendip Churchill 10 Convection Logstore Wood Stove
For an enchanting fire view and a better heat distribution look no further than the Churchill 10 Convection Logstore . From its modern look and combustion technology there's nothing this stove doesn't have.
Mendip Loxton 10 Wood Stove
The Loxton 10 is the highest output stove in the Mendip Stoves range, ideal for even the largest rooms, but it hasn't had to sacrifice its looks, ease of use or even its efficiency.
Mendip Loxton 10 Logstore Wood Stove
The Mendip Loxton 10 Logstorel features the same output and highly efficient burn chamber as the standard Loxton 10 but with its extra height, operation and reloading become much easier.
Mendip Somerton IISE Woodburing Stove
With built in storage door the Somerton II Wood has 3 independent air supplies to ensure a more complete cleaner combustion. Complete with cast iron grate and large fire view this stove is everything you would want from a wood burner.
Mendip Somerton IISE Pedestal Woodburing Stove
Tall and majestic. For those wanting extra height the Somerton II Wood Pedestal is for you! With large glass area for the perfect fire view this stove is a statement piece in itself.
Mendip Somerton IISE Compact Woodburing Stove
The Somerton II Compact is for those looking for the big glass, small stove look. With all of the features of the standard model, the Compact is ideal for modern living.

Mendip Multi-fuel Stoves

Mendip Churchill 5SE Multifuel Stove
The Churchill 5SE has contemporary styling with rounded door and large curved glass area to give you a brilliant view of the fire thanks to its secondary air wash system.
Mendip Churchill 5SE Convection Multifuel Stove
The Churchill 5 convection stove with gently curved side panels only increase this small stoves appeal. With the convection panels this stove can stand proud in an open plan area.
Mendip Churchill 5SE Convection Logstore Stove
The new Churchill 5 Convection Logstore has a stylish curved door and glass, the full convection design give better heat dsitribution but also allow the stove can be placed closer to combustible walls.
Mendip Churchill 6SE Multifuel Stove
The Mendip Churchill 6SE has been designed with simple air controls and the cool touch handle so you can be sure that running your fire will never be more work than it needs to be.
Mendip Churchill 6SE Convection Multifuel Stove
Convection stoves are perfect for open plan rooms or timber framed buildings as they are much cooler than radient stoves and the Churchill 6 is not exception. With the curved side panels and impressive internal combustion its ideal for any room.
Mendip Churchill 6SE Logstore Multifuel Stove
The Churchill 6SE Logstore builds on all the best of the Churchill 6 keeping exactly the same high efficiency combustion techniques but bringing the brilliant view of the fire directly into eye line.
Mendip Churchill 6SE Convection Logstore Stove
The Churchill 6 Convection Logstore with its curved side and top panels make this stove even more attractive. The added logstore on this model makes for easy reloading and a great fire view.
Mendip Churchill 8SE Multifuel Stove
The Churchill 8SE shows the best that Mendip Stoves have in one convienient package with high efficiency ratings and a large output it can heat any room with ease.
Mendip Churchill 8SE Convection Multifuel Stove
The Churchill 8SE shows the best that Mendip Stoves have in one convienient package with high efficiency ratings and a large output it can heat any room with ease.
Mendip Churchill 8SE Logstore Multifuel Stove
The Churchill 8SE Logstore stove has a triple air system ensuring high efficiency and clear glass, plus it l features a cool touch handle and twin operating system making using your fire as easy as possible.
Mendip Churchill 8SE Convection Logstore Stove
With the option to be placed in open plan living areas the Churchill 8 Convection Logstore is a versatile stove suitable for any location, even timber framed buildings!
Mendip Churchill 8SE Double Sided Multifuel Stove
New for 2015 the Churchill Double Sided stove features two large curved glass areas making the fireview out of this world, and to make sure it stays that way we have an amazing built in airwash system that works on both sides of the stove. As well as that, both doors can open to make reloading accessible from either side!
Mendip Loxton 3SE Multifuel Stove
The Loxton 3 brings all the features and simplicity of Mendip Stoves but in a smaller package, with one of the smallest outputs available its perfect for smaller or very well insulated rooms.
Mendip Loxton 5SE Multifuel Stove
The Loxton 5SE stoves simple contemporary design can compliment any space and you can be sure that with primary, secondary and tiertiary air supplies your stove will be highly efficient.
Mendip Loxton 5SE Maxi Convector Multifuel Stove
The mid-height stove is a beautiful addition to Mendip Stoves. This convection stove is perfect for either traditional placement or used in an open plan room due to the convection panels keeping it much cooler than radient models.
Mendip Loxton 6SE Multifuel Stove
The Loxton 6SE from Mendip Stoves is perfect for any home. Its multi fuel capabilities mean you can burn wood or smokeless fuels and its subtle design mean that it can compliment any decor.
Mendip Loxton 6SE Logstore Multifuel Stove
The Mendip Loxton 6SE Logstore stove brings the beautiful fire, clean lines and highly advanced burn techniques of the Loxton 6 multi fuel stove directly into your eye line.
Mendip Loxton 8SE Multifuel Stove
The Mendip Loxton 8SE stove features the same great features of the smaller models in the range, but with a larger output and bigger glass viewing window.
Mendip Loxton 8SE Logstore Multifuel Stove
The Loxton 8SE Logstore brings all the same features as the standard Loxton 8 from Mendip Stoves but the log store pedestal raises the fire chamber off the floor making viewing your fire even easier.
Mendip Loxton 8SE Double Sided Multifuel Stove
The Loxton Double Sided Stove has been one of the best kept secrets in the run up to its launch at Hearth and Home 2015. The integrated clean burn technology and air wash system both sides clear of residue when in use and makes the most of this impressive fireview.
Mendip Sqabox Uno Multifuel Stove
The Sqabox Uno from Mendip Stoves has a modern cubic design, featuring straight lines and sharp edges it's perfect minimalist design with the added bonus of a highly efficient fire.
Mendip Sqabox Duo Multifuel Stove
The Sqabox Duo with its straight clean lines and sharp edges fits perfectly in almost any room but as well as being a brilliant piece of furniture its a highly efficient multi fuel stove.
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