3 Advantages to Buying a Wood Burning Stove

It’s really not difficult to buy a wood burning stove, gas stove, or a multifuel stove. While it might be true that there are a variety of different brands about and around, and sometimes the choice can be pretty tough when it comes to selecting the stove of your dreams – and the stove that’s right for your home. Whether you’re after a large or a small wood burning stove, there is so much choice to be had.


1 – A Range of Brands to Choose From, At Low Prices

At FiresOnline, we pride ourselves on our vast and varied choice of top brands, and we believe that we provide a lot of information on each and every stove we supply. Our commitment to supply great value, completely genuine stoves plus the fact that our friendly staff are just a phone call away and can offer avariety of advice on your purchase ensures that we’re a great choice for buying stoves online.


2- Stoves have been shown to increase the value of your home

While indeed quite an investment, it has been proven via multiple sources such as thisismoney and American Energy Systems have put a lot of research into the effect a stove has on the home – and shown that adding alternate ways of heating the home promises buyers that they can manage the prices of their fuel bills to come.

Wood burning stoves in particular are very cheap to run – with wood available from anywhere and everywhere. Driftwood, on the beach? Heating source. An old pallet? Heating source. Just make sure your wood is untreated, and you’re set. For days where wood doesn’t grow on trees (pardon the pun) you’ll find that fuel is very reasonably priced, and you can get a night of staying warm and toasty for far less than you’d think.


3- Stoves are excellent for the environment, and efficient too!

In years past, people used to have open fires heating their homes. Perhaps you remember in your childhood of having a fireplace, but a fireplace is a very inefficient thing. Most fireplaces have a rating of around 25%, which is wasteful – as 75% of all energy generated goes directly up your chimney. Most stoves by comparison are 80% efficient – allowing you far more heat for your money.



By using FiresOnline, you’re guaranteed quite a few things. The first, is our high levels of service and our friendly and attentive staff, which are just a telephone call away to help you with all of the ins and outs of buying a stove. Whether you’re an old hand or a brand new stove owner, our staff will go above and beyond in order to make your decision an easy one.

We stock a large variety of brand name stoves from reputable manufacturers, as well as being rated as Excellent on TrustPilot. We’re an excellent choice when it comes to buying your stove, and we can’t wait to assist you with your purchase!



A Practical Guide to Choosing Your First Stove


Quality is absolutely everything with most products, but when you’re looking into getting a wood burning stove, there are a number of things which, while not as vital as quality, are nonetheless very important.

Looks, capacity and of course features can be a factor between choosing one stove as opposed to another, and it can be quite a minefield to decide what exactly is needed for your home and for you – as well as getting the most economical way to heat your home in particular, as almost every single one is different.

Thinking about your buy can be the result of very many headaches, and can often be far more convoluted than it actually is. A good place to start is to identify first what exactly you hope to get out of your stove.

For cosy secondary heating, looks can be just as important as the build, as for the cosy look, you’ll want as much of a view of the flames as possible. We stock a number of excellent branded stoves such as Stovax wood burning stoves, which ensure large viewing glasses. 

On the other hand, perhaps you’re concerned about the rising cost of traditional fuels, you’ll likely need your stove for assistance in whole home heating. For this situation, you’ll likely need a wood burning stove with a back boiler. Of course, your next question will be what sort of maximum output you can expect, and while it’s possible to come up with an estimate, the help of a professional is advised.

Of course, your next question will be what sort of maximum output you can expect, and while it’s possible to come up with an estimate, the help of a professional is advised.

Materials are very important, too. In older times, the material of the stove had an impact on the lifespan of the product.

Steel was regarded as a very bad material to manufacture stoves from, as given enough heat and enough time, it was prone to warp. Nowadays, steel in itself has improved, and steel is a very viable choice for your stove.

We have a great wood burning stoves from many brands, enabling you to find your perfect choice. Furthermore, aAt FiresOnline, we host quite a lot of information about wood burning stoves of all makes and models – from Aarow wood burning stoves to Yeoman, our selection is expansive, so picking up the information you need to make an informed choice should be simple enough.

However, if you’ve any other concerns (or just want to talk to a person about your buy!) you’re more than welcome to telephone us at 01745 582300.  



Fantastic Stoves, Competitive Prices, Fantastic Offers!


What’s the most important thing to you when you’re looking for a stove? Is it style, design, capacity, features, brand, fuel type, or price? Or is the most important thing to you when you buy a multi-fuel or a wood burning stove all of these things at once? If you’re the latter, than Fires Online is your one stop for the perfect multi-fuel or wood burning stove – whether you’re looking to replace an older one or even take the first jump into stove ownership.

But where do you start? You’ll want to take a look at our Stoves By Brand section, which is the perfect place to make sense of the stoves upon stoves available to consumers. You’ll be able to browse favourites such as Aarrow stoves, Charnwood stoves or Villager stoves, to name a few.

Whatever brand stove you choose, FiresOnline makes it easy for you to find the perfect stove – one that truly meets your wants and also your needs.

FiresOnline makes it easy for you to pick up absolutely everything you need for your stove at one place – whether your tastes go into contemporary or stick to the traditional. We offer Flue and Chimney supplies in addition, at competitive prices. After you’ve installed your stove, we can also provide everything else – whether it’s accessories to compliment your stove or even parts to assist with the maintenance of your stove in the future, we have you covered.

FiresOnline also has a series of special offers throughout the year as well – take a look at our present offer. Should you buy your stove with us, we’ll give you a little present. You’ll be able to obtain a free gift up to the value of £100 with a stove purchase from us – it doesn’t matter which brand, and it doesn’t matter which type of stove you choose. You’ll be able to obtain either a fully loaded installation kit which includes everything you need in order to install your brand new stove, or a 2 blade heat powered stove fan and thermometer.

If that wasn’t incentive enough to order your new stove from FiresOnline, we offer free next-day delivery to most areas in the UK – England, Wales, and the majority of the Scottish lowlands.