An in depth look into the Charnwood Country 4 Stove. We take you through each element of the stove to give all the information you need before you purchase your stove.

Charnwood - Charnwood Country 4 Stove Review

Charnwood Country 4 Stove Review

Charnwood's Little Gem, a Small Stove with a Big Personality
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Charnwood Country 4 Facts

The Charnwood Country 4 is a British made stove, built on the Isle of Wight. It has a nominal output of 4.8kw with an operating range between 2kw and 5.5kw. The Country 4 is available in both wood burning only or multifuel versions. Although not a DEFRA approved stove as standard, the Country 4 does have the option of a smoke reducing kit, which if fitted will qualify this Charnwood stove for DEFRA exemption to burn wood in smoke control areas. The body of the stove is steel with the door being made from cast iron. Currently Charnwood offer the Country 4 in a choice of 8 colours, with matt black being at the base price with all other options available for a small additional charge.

Charnwood Country 4 Review

The Charnwood Country 4 is the quintessential small wood burning stove. The detail on the cast iron door gives a more traditional feel to the stove without being too twee, although the airwash control knob on the top right of the stove is made from brass which gives a clue that this stove has been around for a number of years. The handle suits the style of the stove perfectly, but its function gets a big tick; Being wooden it doesn't get too hot, so there's no need to search around for a tool or a glove when you need to refuel. The handle is also really possitive, pulling up from the stove to open and pushing towards the stove to close. The detail that stands out above all this is the huge glass window, which gives a great view of the fire.

The Country 4 may not be blessed with the single air controls of many new stoves, but it is well made, with a thicker than usual steel body and solid cast iron door. Charnwood have maximised the internal size of the firebox by developing a clever alternative to the vermiculite bricks used by most other stoves. A thin insulated sheet is sandwiched behind a steel plate, which offers similar insulation, but is far tougher and needs replacing less frequently than fire bicks, plus crucially saves almost 50mm of firebox space, allowing for a 330mm log. Another plus is that the stove is really slim so it can it's ideal for installing into shallower recess. The construction of the Charnwood Country 4 is very simple, there are no complicated parts on the stove that could go wrong. The door handle can easily be adjusted, the side fire plates can easily be removed if they need replacing, the baffle plate just slides out when you need to clean the chimney.

There are a couple of optional items that you can buy with the Country 4 that are quite usefull. Every Country 4 stove is a woodburner as stanrdard and if you are ordering a multifuel model, you simply receive a seperate box containing a grate and ashpan. The benefit of this is that you don't have to splash out on a multifuel stove up front 'just in case' you ever want to burn smokeless coal - you can just buy a multifuel kit at a later date, albeit at a slightly higher price than if you bought them together. Another extra is an ashlip that can be fitted onto the stove - it's not particularly nessesary, but competes the look.

This is the starting model in the Charnwood Country range, however, with the rest of the range being two door models, the Country 4 has an indentity all of its own that has resulted in it being Charnwood's best-selling stove for many years