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Can I Use Standard Black Stove Flue Pipe Outside?

No, the standard black stove flue pipe can only be used indoors. If you wish to create a chimney outside you must use a stainless steel twin wall flue before exiting the building.

Although it is tempting as the standard pipe is considerably cheaper, it is not designed for external use - potential problems include:

* Cold flue, reducing the draw as it is un-insulated, therefore your stove may not work properly, with smoke falling back down into the stove and in some cases entering the room through the stoves air vents.

* Greater fire risk for nearby combustible objects. Distance to combustible materials should be 3x the diameter of any un-insulated pipe. Twin wall insulated pipe requires only 50mm clearance.

* Standard flue pipe used outside will corrode far quicker and any initial cost saving quickly disappears when having to replace the inappropriate material.